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by Lakou Mizik

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Lakou Mizik is mourning the loss of our wonderful accordion player and original band Allen Juste. Allen passed away suddenly on February 18, 2015, leaving behind a wife and a son.

Allen wrote "Refleksyon" immediately after the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti. He and his family had been displaced by the disaster and it tells of his struggle to make sense of the tragedy and the helplessness he felt as he looked out over the suffering city of Port-au-Prince.

100% of proceeds from sales of "Refleksyon" will go to support Allen's family.


Mwen chita sou plas st. pye map fon w ti reflechi
I'm sitting on Place St. Pierre and thinking to myself

Mwen tande yon vwa kap kriye nan yon deze
I hear a voice that's crying in the desert

Tankou yon fanm ki pral trepasse
Like a woman who could soon die

Mwen kouri pou ma'l gade
I run to so that I can see it

Mezanmi sa'l di mwen
My friends what she told me

M'pase mize pou m leve ptit mwen
I'm having trouble to raise my children

yo tout fin gran men yo trayi mwen
They have all grown but they have betrayed me

Lage-m bay estrange
They have left me for foreigners

Nou pa pale menm lang
We don't speak the same language

Yo pa konpran anyen
THey don't understand a thing

Nan sa map di yo
That's what I tell them

Koulye a mwen swaf m' grangou
Now I'm thirsty and I'm hungry

Vye rad mwen fin chire
My old clothes have torn

Mwen toutou ni o
I'm completely naked

Eske w ka fè mwen jwenn
Can you help me find

Yon moun ki pou ede mwen
Someone who can help me?


Ki ès fan m sa a?
Who is this woman?

Se ayiti o, kape kriye, e
It's Haiti that's crying out

Li prêt pou mourir
She's ready to die

L'bezwen yon moun
She needs someone

ki pou ede li
Who can help her

Siklon pase
Hurricanes come through

Tarnbalmen tè pase
Earthquakes have happened

Ale ak tout vyè kay mwen
And have taken my home

Eske w ka fè mwen jwenn
Can you help me find someone

yon moun ki pou ede mwen
Can you help me find someone who can help me?


released February 20, 2015
Allen Juste - Songwriter, Accordion, Harmony Vox
Loulou - Lead Vox
Chris Velan - Producer, Guitar, Harmony Vox
Lamarre Junior - Bass
Sanba Zao - Tanbou and Percussion
Steeve Valcourt - Guitar, Harmony Vox


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Lakou Mizik Haiti

The Lakou Mizik project is a multi-media celebration of Haitian music and culture.


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